Coconut Girl Scout Cookies Are Way To Good!

 The Best Are….. Coconut Girl Scout Cookies! While cookies are so amazing, there are some that beat the rest and when the season comes around you know these cookies are on your mind. Girls scout cookies have been highly wanted all around the united states and even in some other countries. While there are so […]

Must Try Famous Cookie Recipes!

Famous Cookie Recipes You Can Make From home! Cookies, they are an amazing snake and at certain time of the year we actually can’t wait to buy some cookies from a group. Most people enjoy dipping their cookies in their milk and eating them that way, but some will just eat them without milk. Some […]

What Is The GSLE Program?

What Is The GSLE Program? The GSLE program is one of the best girl leadership program in America.  GSLE stands for Girl Scout Leadership Experience and in GSLE, the children get to experience engaging and fun activities.  Furthermore, girl scouts earn badges, go on cool trips, volunteer in their community and building life skills!  You […]